Blogging Isn’t a Profession but I still want to Blog anyway

This is lazy. I know it. Just using the default blog format given to me by WordPress.

It is not however, my first blog post. That would be the one about the Philly sports traitors.

This will be about blogging in general. Especially how I’m new to this.

First, I want to add a disclaimer. Blogging is not the same as journalism. It should be obvious, but for some it just isn’t. Journalism is a profession. Blogging is a hobby for most and a fun job for others. It is not a profession because there isn’t a code of ethics like in professions. There’s no qualification to do it that can be rescinded with violating the code of ethics. Doctors and lawyers are professionals. There may be some of questionable  quality, but there is still a standard. Some will fall through the cracks, but if they are ever exposed they will face losing their license or being disbarred.

Professionals have to answer to their community of colleagues.

Bloggers have to answer to their comment section.

Journalists have editors that inspect their work for quality.

Bloggers edit their own work or have a friend look it over for corrections. Though I’m sure there are bloggers who pay editors to check their work.

While I do agree that blogging has its own challenges like gaining followers. Its hard because the medium is so saturated. Its saturated because anyone can do it. Therein lies the problem with it being a profession.

Now onto why I’m blogging.

I’ve always been a fan of debates and written discourse. I love to discuss things and enjoy the sport of argument while trying to keep things civil and respectful. Since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to write for a living.

I currently have a normal job. I want to not do normal jobs. My personality is not conducive to the worker bee culture. You might think that’s the wrong reason to get into blogging but as I mentioned before, I love writing. I will get more into this another time.

This blog is a means for me to get pen to paper. To put something down so I can begin my journey. I may not get many followers, but I will at least be compelled to write more often and check my work before it is seen by the public. The hopeful result is to gain experience and critiques from experienced bloggers, writers or journalists to help me improve my craft. If you fall in one of those categories, or even just an avid consumer of information, please let me know what I can do better. If you want to tell me I’m completely wrong about everything and start a debate, I’m game for that too.

My interests are many despite what this blog so far might imply. The plan is to introduce them as topics slowly so as to gain a base readership who come to know me for something consistent. I hope to use this as an opportunity to ignite discussions in those topics.


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